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Title: like the staff9/7/2013 5:04:45 PM
I have been eating at china Inn for years. sure they need to fix some things but I enjoy the food. My daughter always has they steamed veggies and white rice.without sauce, and they have no problem making it. she even ask for extra corn, and gets it at no extra charge.I really enjoy the shrimp fried rice and beef lo mein. nice size cuts of beef,and shrimp. I tried other places and got more noodles or rice, 4-5 pieces of meat. I go there often, and they are always nice. Never bug me to try something different on the menu. I went to a different chinese place once a few times. and was alway asked why not try something else?

Title: George Bill6/6/2016 7:53:22 AM
Hello, this is Mr George, i have an event coming up Saturday the 16th of July, 16th Marriage anniversary.Kindly email me back with your menu or a link to your website so i can view the menu as soon as you can and place my order with you, and i am looking to have 70 guests. Also let me know if you accept credit card payments.Thanks.

Title: Miss6/29/2016 9:13:37 PM
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Title: Ms6/23/2016 11:13:13 PM
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Title: 6/15/2013 11:48:38 AM
Lemme tell ya something. Just because a Chinese restaurant has Mapo Tofu on the menu, doesn't mean they actually HAVE Mapo Tofu. Yuck. After having it at Ichiban Sichuan, and making it at home, I truly do not know what I just had. It was NOT Mapo Tofu. Maybe that's why I only had three bites.The hot & sour soup is, however very good, and my husband likes their Singapore Mei Fun.Awesome delivery time. Quoted 30 minutes, was here in 10.

Title: 2019/2/2 16:51:15
Is your phone out of order went to call numerous times and it doesn't ring just hangs up.

Title: 2019/1/31 11:58:39
We have a large order--16 different orders for Sunday Do you want me to bring the orders over on Saturday? We need to have them bagged by each order and would like them delivered to 4815 Cottage Grove Rd by 4:30 pm on Sunday. Please let me know the best way to do this. Thank you.

Title: 2019/1/27 16:53:15
What time will my order arrive

Title: 2018/4/28 17:26:50
My bill was $18.30. I gave the delivery guy $25.00 and asked for $2 back. That's a tip of $4.70 (25%). He balked and showed me the bill as if to imply I wouldn't be tipping enough. If he didn't give me the $2 it would have been 37% tip! I know $2 wasn't going to break me, but what a lot of nerve assuming he could just keep a couple of extra bucks.

Title: 2018/4/15 8:45:43
Last nights order is the last time I will order from here. They have a place for delivery instructions, etc., and the last three deliveries, they have not followed those instructions. As a result the food is just barely warm upon arrival. Can't follow directions, I can't order from you. I found another place to order from.

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